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Travel News, August, 2006

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Himani-Chamunda temple is trekkers' joy
by Hemant Chauhan

      Dharamshala: Despite unpredictable weather and arduous trek, a visit to Himani-Chamunda temple in Kangra valley remains a gala experience for a large number of people arriving here. One feels great travelling to the Himani-Chamunda temple. It is an incomparable experience to feel the nature at its best covered with snow-caped Himalayan range in the background. Pilgrims find the journey to the shrine as adventurous. "I like trekking. I generally go for trekking though it's rainy season. Anytime. rain can come and in the hills, it gets cold after the rains. Because of the temple I have come here trekking. So, it's a dual purpose kind of a thing," said Rakesh Sharma, a trekker.

      However, the general opinion remains that the government has not capitalised on this unique thrilling experience. "Unfortunately, no one can assess how one has reached this place. If the government makes an optimum use of this place, it will become a famous pilgrimage centre. It will also be the shortest route for trekkers to reach Ladakh," said P.D Saini, Trustee of Himani-Chamunda Temple Committee. Chamunda temple is situated on the banks of the River Baner in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. Dedicated to Goddess Durga, also known as Chamunda, the surroundings of the temple provide an excellent venue for meditation and spiritual retreat. A trek to Himani-Chamunda temple offers is a journey through Mother Nature at her best, and one can have a fascinating view of the mountains, rivers and forests.
-Aug 24,  2006

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