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India Travel Times for Yoga and Meditation
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Yoga & Asanas

Yoga takes prime slot in CBSE school courses
Meditation based on compassion enhances one's relationships and well-being
How exercise can help keep both body and mind healthy
New additions to yoga postures in West - acro yoga, hip hop yoga, hoop yoga, paddleboard yoga...
Yoga during pregnancy helps relieve pain and increases endurance
Hot Bikram Yoga Team GB’s secret to gold success
Yoga a cost effective technique to improve motor function in stroke survivors
Freida Pinto flaunts yoga moves on sets of `Knight of Cups`
14,000 yoga enthusiasts take over Times Square to mark summer solstice
Russell Brand says yoga and meditation helped him cope with divorce
Tai Chi increases brain size and improves memory in elderly
Meditation brings physical changes in brains, improves its wiring in one month
New movement-monitoring tank `could spell end of yoga instructors`
Yoga exercise beneficial for stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation
Daily yoga or 20 mins of walking may benefit cancer patients
Woman becomes world’s oldest yoga teacher at 93
Meditation makes you mentally and physically healthier
Pregnant Sienna Miller takes up yoga
Bikram yoga session leaves Imogen Thomas shaking
Yoga, massage booths popular at Star Health Fair in Kuala Lumpur
Chennai, Bangalore residents practise yoga to celebrate World Health Day
I am not commercialising Ashtanga yoga, says Oz model
Yoga strengthens Pitt, Jolie's relationship
Stressed-out Sri Lankan MPs to take to yoga
Christian churches in US offer yoga class to reduce stress and tension
Corruption deepened difference between rich and poor: Baba Ramdev
Yoga keeps the Beckhams together
Yoga master shows off his twists, turns, folds at Oz Yoga Aid Challenge
Study says yoga reduces anxiety and improves mood
Yoga gives a boost to feel-good brain chemical: Study

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