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India Travel Times Provides News and Features on History and Legends and Mythology
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History, Legend & Mythology

Buddha's parietal bone relic enshrined in Macao
Chinese archaeologists restore over 50 Buddha statues
Marco Polo `really did visit China`
Ancient tomb and artifacts discovered in E China
Coffin in Jerusalem tomb is 'proof' of Jesus resurrection!
Hitler’s `grandson` speaks out about discovering family lineage
2,300-yr old world’s earliest stringed instrument found in cave
A lost civilization submerged beneath Persian Gulf
Mughal Emperor’s descendant visiting Pakistani Sikh shrines to seek forgiveness
Radar images from space shuttle reveal Egypt 's lost great lake
Ancient Egyptian temple sits submerged in sewage
Archaeologists uncover 1,800-yr-old Roman bathhouse in Jerusalem
First complete remains of dinosaur's ancestor found in China
1000-yr old Tamil stone slab inscription found in Trincomalee
Remains of 1300 years old ancient temples found near Bhopal
1,000-year-old Andean tattoos reveal ancient acupuncture techniques
Roman settlement unearthed at Cambridge college
Tsar Nicholas II's billions of pounds worth lost gold found in world's deepest lake in Siberia?
Greek archaeologists discover 'Odysseus' palace'
Chinese archaeologists excavate millennium-old Buddhist temples
Three World War 1 sunk UK warships discovered off Estonia coast
Archaeologists uncover Philistine temple ruins in Goliath's hometown
Remains of William Shakespeare's first theatre found in London yard
New archaeological find indicates Indo-Roman trade in ancient India
Body of Indian soldier killed in 1962 war with China brought to his hometown
Temple dating back to Hellenistic and Roman eras discovered in Syria
Lost Sanskrit manuscript rediscovered in Italian library
Artifacts dating back to Harappan era unearthed in Jharkhand
Stalin's statue removed from his birthplace
British MPs support memorial for Tipu's descendant Noor Inayat in UK

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