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April 10, 2010

Severe heat wave sweeps Bhubaneswar

     Bhubaneswar (Orissa): The scorching heat has thrown life out of normal gear in Bhubaneswar with the weather department issuing a heat wave advisory in the region for the next 24 hours. Sambalpur and Jharsuguda regions are reported to be sizzling under the summer heat with mercury touching almost 44 degrees Celsius. "From the last one week, we have been experiencing heat wave in most parts of Orissa. Heat wave condition in the interior parts of Orissa is very acute. Most of the stations are reporting temperature more than 40 degree Celsius and some stations have reported 43 to 44 degree Celsius for the last three days," said Meteorological Department Director S C Sahoo. "Places like Sambalpur are reporting 44 degree Celsius. We have also issued a heat wave warning for the next 24 hours," he added. The officials claimed the north-western winds and the high cloud conditions from the surface attribute to the smouldering conditions throughout the state. The residents here are covering their faces with scarves and using sunscreen lotions, and carrying umbrellas before venturing out of their homes. Many others had to change their schedules in accordance with the temperatures. People were seen drinking cold drinks to beat the heat. "The temperature is very high and it is very hot out here. We are not able to go to our offices. The water problem has also arisen due to the heat. The government should make water available everywhere," said Sunil Sharma, a local resident. The months of May and June are usually the hottest in the country with the temperature going way beyond the 40-45 degrees Celsius mark at many places.
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