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April 6, 2010

Record-breaking Nepalese Sherpa to scatter Hillary's ashes on Mt Everest

     Kathmandu: A record-breaking Nepalese Sherpa has flown to Mount Everest to prepare to scatter the ashes of its most celebrated climber, Sir Edmund Hillary. Apa, who with 19 successful climbs holds the record for the most trips to the summit, flew from the Nepalese capital, Katmandu, to Lukla, where he will begin yet another trek up Everest - this time to deposit Sir Edmund's remaining ashes and clean up the peak, reports the Daily Express. "I have three goals during my 20th climb of Everest. I will be taking and scattering the ashes of Edmund Hillary at the summit, clean up the mountain and promote Nepal as tourism destination," said the 49-year-old Apa, who like most Sherpas goes by one name. Apa and his fellow climbers - 17 other Sherpas and 12 Westerners - plan to collect 15,400lb (7,000kg) of rubbish, a growing environmental problem on the Himalayan peak. They plan to pay porters to help bring down the refuse. Apa and his team plan to scale the summit in May, when the weather is most favourable.
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