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March 24, 2010

Heat wave sweeps Gujarat, day temperature rises to 41 C

     Rajkot (Gujarat): Heat wave in Gujarat has badly affected normal life here making it very difficult for the general public to carry on with their work for livelihood. On Wednesday, the meteorological department recorded 43 degrees Celsius temperature at Rajkot city in the Saurashtra region of the state. The clear skies and wind patterns have resulted in 'overheating' of stretches of desert lands in neighbouring Rajasthan. For the past two days, the day temperature has not fallen below 41 degree Celsius in Rajkot. The surge in normal temperature has created problems for schoolchildren too who have to return during scorching heat. The summer vacation is slated to commence in May. "This time in Rajkot the heat is unbearable. This time in the month of March the temperature is very high and we have not witnessed such heat earlier. In our school whenever we want to study, the sweltering heat and perspiration distract us," said Sonali, a student of Kadvi Bai School, Rajkot. "We cannot concentrate on our lessons. Also when we leave for our homes after the school, we feel very exhausted and we are forced to pass the entire day in utter discomfort," she added. Students can be notice cycling back to their homes in the afternoon with their heads covered to protect from the sweltering rays of the sun. School authorities have turned a worried lot since the students have to appear for their annual examinations in April and the rising temperature could have a negative impact on the students. "We are shocked to see that in the month of March the temperature has touched 43 degree Celsius. Also we have our annual exams and we are worried that students may fall ill due to the heat just before the exams. In the first week of June our school reopens and till that time, if it does not rain we don't know how we will cope with the rising temperature," observed Sonalben Shah, Principal, Kadvi Bai School, Rajkot. Usually, the monsoon showers strike the Saurashtra region of Gujarat only in June and till then people may have to endure the sweltering days with mercury hovering between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius.
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