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February 21, 2010

Rural Olympics 2010 attracts tourists

     Kila Raipur (Punjab): Several unique and daredevil sporting events at the Rural Olympics 2010 drew over hundreds of tourists in Kila Raipur here. Tourists gathered to witness the four-day Rural Olympics held in Kila Raipur, around 11 miles from Ludhiana, which kept alive the traditional sports. The Rural Olympics also attracted the local youth from the villages, who turned up to witness the event as it inspired them towards physical activities. Arun, a tourist from England said, "It's very interesting. I have been to many festivals in India, this is very interesting, very good hospitality, very exciting." Joravar Singh, another tourist from England said, "This is the first time I have seen (something like this) anywhere. This is a totally unique event, and I think Punjab Government should be promoting it internationally if they can." "A lot of Sikhs would be interested in coming, not only Sikhs but Punjabis and foreigners, as well. We don't have anything like this in England and I think this could be a major tourist attraction," added Singh. The Rural Olympics consist of 40 to 50 events and are a blend of accepted sporting disciplines and other, uncommon pursuits. Adrenaline-pumping events like bullock-cart races drew the spectators in thousands, for four days of non-stop fun and entertainment. The competitions feature a wide variety of rural games like tug-of-war, horse races, horse dances, bullock-cart races and cock fighting. But what draws spectators in thousands to this dusty village is the chance to see some really off-beat activities, like people lifting bicycles with their teeth, pulling cars with their teeth or ears, or riding a bicycle ringed with a burning tyre, and other daredevil stunts. The first Rural Olympics were held in Kila Raipur in 1933. Since then, the event is organised every year by the local Grewal Sports Club.
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