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January 31, 2010

Migratory birds nestle in Kodiyakkarai sanctuary in Tamil Nadu

     Chennai: Thousands of exotic migratory have arrived at the Kodiyakkarai Bird Sanctuary, which is located 400 kilometres from Chennai. These birds arrive in India during the winter season, which is not as harsh as the winters in Europe or in regions in the northern hemisphere like Siberia and China among others. From early November, these migratory birds keep arriving till December. They return again during the spring season. With a dry evergreen forest, mangrove forest and a wetland, the Kodiyakkarai Birds Sanctuary is home to the second largest congregation of migratory water birds in India . The sanctuary is one of the favoured destinations for these birds. However, locals feel that a poor rainfall has led to a dcrease in bird numbers this season. "The number of birds visiting this region this year has come down owing to inadequate rainfall. We are unable to see these birds as they are at a distance. We need a boat to reach to them and watch them flutter their wings," said Pakkrisamy, a resident. Among the birds seen were the spot-billed pelican, spotted greenshank, spoonbill sandpiper, black necked stork, white ibis, flamingos, painted stork Night Herons, Pond Herons, Grey Herons, White Ibis, Pintails, Shavellers, Billed Ducks, Garganeys, Common Moorhen, Purple Moorhens, Coots, Little Egrets and Cattle Egrets.
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