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January 20, 2010

Tourism industry revives in Tripura as militancy declines

     Agartala: The tourism industry in Tripura is on the revival path following the decline of militancy in the state and it is hoped that this will give a boost to the state's economy. Located 75 kilometres from Agartala, Devtamura has a lot to offer to the tourists. Here an array of images, of 15th century Hindu gods and goddesses, have been carved out of the steep rocky surface of the Kalajhari Hills that descends directly into the River Gomti. About ten meters high, 37 rock-cut images of Shiva, Ganesha, Kartika, Mahisasur Mardini, Durga and others Hindu deities are an imposing presence in these hills. The only way to reach Devtamura is through a three-hour boat ride from Amarpur to Udaipur, which passes through lush green vegetation and an area full of wildlife. Speaking to ANI, Tripura Tourism Corporation Managing Director Madhusudan Bhattacharje said: "People from outside have started coming in. Over the last few months, we have noticed that there is gradual increased of tourists every month. And we are also taking steps to popularize some of the tourist sites." "Once this place (Tripura) was a den for insurgencies. Nobody could come here freely. Now, you see, we have come without any insecurity and almost free from all kind of insurgency," said Subhash Das, a tourist. With declining militancy, Tripura is fast becoming a tourist hot spot. And the revenue generated from tourism sector will give a boost to the state's economy.
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