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January 20, 2010

Jamaica, Egypt, Dubai best destinations for changing currency

     London: Holiday-akers should book a trip to either Jamaica, Egypt or Dubai to take advantage of changing exchange rates, according to new figures. The Post Office, which changes more travellers' money than anyone else, has calculated which currencies have moved most in favour against sterling over the last year. While the pound has risen and then fallen against the euro since last year, many countries' economies are in far worse shape than Britain 's. As a result their currencies have fallen in value compared with the pound, making them more attractive as holiday destinations, reports The Telegraph. A year ago, a pound would have bought a holidaymaker 103 Jamaican dollars, but it can now buy 125. The pound has strengthened against the Egyptian pound by 14 per cent, and against the UAE dirham by 13 per cent. In contrast, the value of the euro has barely changed with a pound buying €1.10. Hungary , Thailand and Bulgaria emerge as the three cheapest destinations, with the basket of goods all costing less than 40 pounds. Spain is the cheapest eurozone nation with the basket costing 44.84 pounds, with France coming in at 71.12 pounds.
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