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January 9, 2010

Special arrangements for animals at Lucknow zoo as cold wave grips UP

     Lucknow: As the cold wave makes life difficult for people in north India, zoo authorities in Uttar Pradesh's capital have put in place special arrangements to save the zoo inmates from onslaught of an unbearable chill. Authorities have offered room-heaters and bonfires near and inside enclosures, as part of special arrangements for the birds and animals at the zoo. Besides, the inmates have been provided with dried straw mats, sacks and blankets to keep them warm. Lions, tigers, deer and sloth bear have been supplied with para grass. Other animals relish the straw mats, bonfires and heaters while reptiles are warmed up under high-voltage bulbs. The Serpentarium has been covered with gunny bags to keep the reptiles warm. Briefing the media, Zoo Director Renu Singh said cold-blooded animals like reptiles snakes, crocodiles etc are not able to regulate their body temperature and they feel very cold during winters. "We have installed heaters at serpantariums and have provided them para- grass and sacks. Also for monkeys we have done the same. We also provide quilts to monkeys. To the cat family creatures like Tiger, Lion and Panther, we have laid sheets for them, to save them from cold, " he said. Moreover, special diet is being provided for the zoo inmates. Like, multi-vitamins and calcium are included in their regular food and eggs are provided to monkeys to keep them warm. The Deer have been given sugarcane and green leaves. " We have changed diet of the animals in winters. We give eggs to the monkeys and chimpanzees and earlier we used to give juices to the monkeys but now we prefer to give them cut fruits. And also give them nuts. To other animals we give green leaves and vegetables and elephants are given hot oil massage in the zoo," Singh informed. The Lucknow zoo was set up in 1921 and it is also known as Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens.
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