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January 4, 2010

Room warmers installed for animals at Patna zoo

     Patna: With the temperature dipping below normal, the authorities of Patna's Sanjay Gandhi Jaivic Udyan ( Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park ) have taken the initiative and made special arrangements for the animals to beat the biting cold wave. Animals corrals have been covered with straw mats and electric heaters switched on to keep them warm. This has come as a respite for lions, tigers and giraffes. The snakes and reptiles on the other hand warm themselves up by taking shelter under the high voltage bulbs. "Arrangement of heaters and blowers are made for big animals like lion, tiger, bear and giraffe. Heaters have been installed for leopard, golden cats and others. High power bulbs and blankets are arranged for snakes to keep them warm while cages of birds are being covered from all sides by polythene sheets," said Praveen Kumar, the assistant director of Patna 's Sanjay Gandhi Jaivic Udyan. "Open shades of inmates are also being covered to brave the chill. The steps taken by the zoo authorities have pleased the visitors as well," he added.
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