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January 2, 2010

Sale of Amritsar kirpan on the rise

     Amritsar: The sale of kirpans (a ceremonial dagger or sword sported by devout Sikhs) has increased here in Amritsar. Devotees and tourists are thronging the Golden Temple here to acquire the kirpan as a blessed and decorative item for their homes. According to an estimate, the annual turnover of swords industry is around 500 million rupees. The swords are also exported abroad for both devotees and tourists. There are around 10,000 skilled artisans engaged in the manufacture of kirpans, and this includes those working in small units that supply allied accessories to the larger units. The daily production is about 3000 kirpans. "The production of kirpan has risen tremendously as with the dip in its quality, the quantity is on a rise. The present day sword in vogue is quite different from the earlier ones and the difference is in quality and weight," said Amardeep Singh, the owner of Adarsh kirpan Factory. "The total weight of a sword has now been brought down from three kilograms to 500 grams, as a result the artisans are making 100 to 200 swords a day," he added. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims use it in religious functions. The swords are worshipped during Muharram, Dussehra or Durga Puja and Ramalila festivals. "I am buying the scared sword from the Amritsar as I want to take along a memorabilia from this place, we worship sword during our Durga Puja that is the reason I want to buy this sword," said Parag, a visitor from Maharashtra.
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