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December 29, 2009

Full body scanners to be installed at all British airports

     London: In the wake of the recent Detroit-bound flight bombing bid, the British Government has decided to install full body scanners at all UK airports. As part of the massive overhaul of airport security, the government planning to spend as much as necessary to buy the X-ray machines, which can see through clothing and even detect items swallowed or concealed inside the body. British Home Secretary Alan Johnson said that the use of advanced scanners would stop the need for full body searches and end the delays they cause. "We intend to be at the cutting edge of this technology and to ensure we put it in place as quickly as possible," The Sun quoted Johnson, as saying. New scanners are also being introduced at Holland 's Schiphol airport where Abdulmutallab took his US flight. The microwave detectors there can see unusual objects on the body or hidden under clothing, but are not as efficient as the full scanners. US-bound passengers had to go through a second round of security checks at the gate, including full bag searches and a pat- down body search. At London 's Heathrow, flyers were also told to sip from drink bottles they had bought in shops after going through security to prove they were not being used to hide chemicals used in bombs.
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