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December 28, 2009

Migratory birds arrive in India in search of food

     Gwalior: With the onset of winter season, exotic migratory birds from Pacific and South-East Asian countries come to India in large numbers in search of food and shelter. Forest officer Alok Kumar on Monday said that extreme cold conditions force these birds out of their habitation during the winter season. "Migratory birds generally come from South-East Asia and the Siberian region which, at this time of year, reels under severely cold conditions. Due to the severe cold, water freezes thus creating problems of food, water and shelter of these birds," Kumar said. "To protect themselves, these birds migrate thousands mile to warm regions. They stay for four months of winter (December to March) and then return to their original homeland," he added From early November onwards, these migratory birds keep arriving from various parts of the world to nest in various parts of India whilst their homeland freezes. Foreign tourists also throng the cities of India to watch these birds. Among the popular varieties that are sighted include Ruddy Shelducks, Great Crested Grebes, Gadwalls, Coots, Tufted Pochards and Bar-Headed Geese.
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