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December 16, 2009

Pakistani teenagers stranded in Jamnagar want to go back home

     Jamnagar: Six teenagers from Pakistan staying in an observatory home in Jamnagar, since being rescued from the Arabian Sea by the Indian coast guards during cyclone Phyan, are hoping for their early repatriation. Out of the victims of the cyclone, six were Pakistani citizens who went into the Arabian Sea for fishing and got stuck in the Phyan cyclone. They were later rescued by the naval guards. For sixteen-year-old Kabir Kasim, one of the rescued persons, the observatory home has provided them with all the facilities but they want to get back to their homes. They want the authorities to speed up the process and send them back soon. "We were stuck in the cyclone for three days, when we got out, we were on India's border. The naval guards then rescued us. We live here in the child observation home and we don't have problem here, but we want to go home to our parents as soon as possible," he said. Mooljibhai Sonar, a Psychiatrist who examined the teenagers, said that they need to get back home immediately because they are going under a lot of mental trauma as they miss their home. "We want the technical process to speed up so that these children can go back to their homeland as soon as possible. I have counselled these children and found out that they are very emotional about their families and hence should get back home," he said.
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