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December 15, 2009

'Best Job in the World' winner becomes Tourism Queensland ambassador

     Melbourne: 'Best Job in the World' winner Ben Southall is set to go around the world as a Tourism Queensland salesman after his six-month job as island caretaker gets over. The UK charity worker will complete his stint as Great Barrier Reef caretaker on December 31 and from January 1 he will work as Tourism Queensland ambassador, where he'll tour US, Europe, Asia and New Zealand , along with other former Best Job candidates. According to The Courier Mail, Southall will settle in Brisbane and will be paid a six-figure salary, plus expenses, as a global tourism ambassador to promote Queensland . Southall's new 18-month stint will involve working closely with Tourism Queensland 's 14 international offices and speaking at high profile events in Japan , South Korea , China and Europe . He will also appear in a six-part National Geographic documentary series exploring the Queensland islands through his eyes. "It would have been far too busy for a lot of people. Some might have expected from the campaign that they'd be sitting on their bums in a hammock on a desert island, but that would have bored me after two weeks,'' News.com.au quoted Southall as saying. "So I'm glad they kept me as busy as I've been," he added.
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