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December 14, 2009

Tight security for foreigners travelling to India following Headley case

     New Delhi: Still investigating how US terror suspect David Headley managed to visit India, investigating agencies have now decided to keep a tighter surveillance on foreigners visiting the country. US terror suspect David Headley managed to enter India with fake travel documents and was not detected by the officials. Headley visited India thrice and moved freely in Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The Indian government has now become vigilant and pushed for tighter security and stricter rules for all foreigners travelling to India. The government has now decided to track immigration visas and foreigners' registration. It has directed169 Indian missions, 77 immigration offices and the Foreigner Regional Registration Office to report directly to the Central Foreigners Bureau. Scanners and biometrics will be in operation at the Airports, along with online registration of foreigners and passenger details to identify suspicious travelers. The cost of setting up this security system will cost around a crore of rupees, and it will take around four and a half years to bring this system in operation.
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