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December 12, 2009

Water walking attracts tourists in Guwahati

     Guwahati: A recently constructed unique walk on water event attracting locals as well as tourists. Walking on water is done inside a giant transparent ball filled with oxygen and aptly it is named 'water walking'. The concept of water sphere is of an inflatable tank wherein the rider can enter and can walk, dance, float and even burst into a song in water, of course all with no fear of drowning since safety of the visiting 'water-walkers' and 'mermaids' is the hallmark of this rare recreation. According to the promoters of this event, each water sphere comes with full instructions and a safety guide that explains the detail about using the water sphere and it can be set up in any source of water such as a river, lake and even a swimming pool. "This ball floats in water, it is filled with oxygen. Since it is round and spherical in shape, whenever anyone enters inside the sphere, it moves. It is filled with oxygen. When people go inside it, they can easily walk, roll in it, jump in it, float or relax in it. They can do whatever they want to do," said Manojit Bharadwaj, one of the promotors of the 'Water Walking' sport. He also claimed that this recreational tourism has been introduced in India for the first time. The Water sphere is a giant transparent reserve of breathable air wherein the rider can float, relax, watch fish swimming below the sphere and can simply enjoy every moment in it. This water sphere ride on an average lasts about 7 minutes per single trip. The ball is made up of a durable material called TPU (thermoplastic elastic rubber) and can be used anywhere where there is water and can bear weight up to 150 kilograms.
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