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December 9, 2009

Cab drivers and toilets top tourists' nightmares in Malaysia

     Kuala Lumpur: A minister has revealed that the behaviour of dishonest taxi drivers is worse than the condition of toilets in Malaysia. Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, from the Prime Minister's Department, said taxi drivers take advantage of tourists by refusing to use meters. "If you ask tourists, the first thing they complain about is our taxi drivers. Their second is dirty toilets," the Star Online quoted him as saying. "(The behaviour of) our drivers is worse than the toilets," he said. Nazri added that passengers should report such behaviour to the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CLVB) to help discipline errant drivers. "Do not compromise because we don't want them to be gangsters," he said. "We want good drivers, which many of them are. Only a few bad apples behave this way, hence painting a bad image of the country," he stated. Nazri also revealed that there were 1,232 reports of errant taxi drivers from January to November this year, and a total of 134 cases were dealt with in November alone while 320 were under investigation. "We have increased the taxi fare to accommodate drivers' plight but sadly their behaviour hasn't improved," he added.
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