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November 22, 2009

People worship Highway Goddess for safe journey in Chennai

     Chennai: People have strong faith in Iraniamman Amma, the highway goddess in Tambaram, and they offer prayers for a safe journey. According to locals, breaking of the coconut and crushing of the lime under the vehicle's tyre prevents accidents from happening. On Fridays, hundreds of vehicles block the highway to get the puja done for their vehicle in order to have a safe journey ahead. ‚ÄúSince the past twenty five years I am coming here as a tourist guide, whenever I used to come here and perform puja, I felt happy and better. Accident will not happen. Today also I am going to some place that's why I have come here to worship Iraniamman. I have belief that is why I am coming here and worshiping Amma," said Gajapathy, a tourist guide. Daily thousands of vehicles stop by and queue up at the Iraniamman temple to offer prayer on the highway, including two-wheelers, autos, cars, buses, lorry drivers, etc. People from across the nation come here to worship the highway goddess in Chennai, which keeps them away from the deadly accident on that accident-prone highway, it is believed. "The reason for coming here to this goddess is that I need to go safe and come back safe too. That's why I always come here, put the lime before the vehicle and do the puja, for a good, wonderful and safe journey. I am a Catholic but I do believe in this because it is a highway Goddess," said Jude, a traveller.
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