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November 11, 2009

Polluted Hussain Sagar lake threatening Hyderabad's environment

     Hyderabad: Rising pollution in Hyderabad 's Hussain Sagar Lake is threatening the city's environment, experts have said. The lake is the city's main water body and also a major tourist attraction. People here have expressed serious concern over the lake''s high pollutant levels, with some living in its proximity claiming that it is becoming a major health hazard. The regular immersion of idols, which are made of toxic material and the use of the lake by slum dwellers, besides its interconnection to a sewage line, are some of the factors responsible for poluttion of the lake. Passersby complain of its the foul smell and feel that the state government should take steps to clean it up. "It is very difficult to sit here for even five minutes, as the foul smell coming from the contaminated lake is very strong. This is a park where a common man comes for walking and jogging, but if there is no fresh oxygen then what is the use? The government should take action to clean the lake," said Sunil, a resident. Environmentalists are also concerned about the health hazards caused by the pollution. They have urgently called for preventing water contamination in the lake. "The water from drains should be treated properly before it reaches the lake. Further, solid wastes should be taken care of and only clean and purified water should be injected into the lake. A treatment plant should be introduced to make the lake pollution free," said Ved Kumar, an environmentalist. He warned that due to pollution, ground water will get contaminated and aquatic life will be severely affected. The Hussain Sagar Lake is an artificial lake made by the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1562. It was created for irrigation and drinking water purposes.
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