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November 11, 2009

Wild animals, birds can be adopted in Punjab zoos

     Ludhiana: People in Punjab can now adopt wild animals and birds in the zoos with the introduction of a new Govt scheme, Animal Adoption Scheme, under which a person can adopt an animal in a zoo by paying for its maintenance, safety and food. After adoption, the person will have the right to check the diet and living conditions of the animal and can seek an explanation about anything pertaining to the adopted animal from the authorities. People have been given an opportunity to develop love and sense of care for other living beings through such a scheme. "Another advantage is that the adopters would be regularly informed about the upkeep of their animals and the biggest advantage of this scheme is that people get a chance to do something good for the natural habitat by taking care of an animal," said Vishal Chauhan, Divisional Forest Officer, Ludhiana. The new scheme is generating a lot of interest among locals residents and animal lovers. "For the first time in Punjab, an effort has been done which is both initiated and approved by the government. Under the scheme we can adopt animals and birds belonging from any zoo or protected area and thus provide safety for their lives. By adopting them and providing them food and water we can give them a better life," said Kuldeep singh, a local residents. "I have adopted a deer here as I feel that wild animals and birds are the only existing link between us and the nature. If they also get extinct then there would be nothing left for us to show to our children as they link us to the habitat. So it is very important that as citizens we come forward and promote this act," said Ranjeet, who has adopted a deer at the Ludhiana Zoo. The 'Animal Adoption Scheme' is a boon not only for the zoo inmates but also for the adopters. People adopting any animal or bird get their names displayed in the zoo premises and they automatically become the ex officio members of the 'Zoo Development Society'. The adopters will also get free entry in the Zoo.
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