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November 6, 2009

Journey of Indian railways depicted through stamps

     Kolkata: An Indian man with a penchant for collecting railway stamps has compiled a book "The Great Indian Railways Through Philately", which has exclusive, pictorial story of Indian railways depicted through stamps. The man behind this unique book is Mujibullah, who has a vast personal collection of rare stamps issued on the railways. He feels that his book will not only visually appeal or generate interest in railways but also into the fantastic world of history of stamps. "Just to focus this book because stamp collection is dying in the world. To promote this book is written on railways philately through railways," said Mujibullah. For the rail lovers and philatelists, the book contains stamps varying from Victorian Railways to Different Rakes, State Rail Stamps issued by Indian Postal Departments. Mujibullah's book has all the stamps from 1937 till 2009 issued by the Indian postal department. "From 1937 onwards till 2009 all the stamps which have been issued by the Indian postal department on railways have been clearly described in this book and this book is going to help the young collector who wants to collect railways stamps is going to be good guideline for them," said Mohammed Mujibullah. He adds, he has 38 different collections of stamps varying from personalities to toys, manufacturing, railways, engines, super fast trains etc. It is complete 10 frames exhibit which shows history of steam locomotive from A point. Among his rare collection, he owns the First Postal Currency Stamp, also called Fractional Currency, issued in 1866 during the Civil War in the Honduras. Other rare pieces include the New Brunswick stamps of 1860, the first postage stamps in the world with locomotives. The steam engine on the stamp commuted between St John. to Mancton railway stations. The eye-catching category of stamps includes cartoon rail stamps showing different cartoon characters in different locomotives. From Mickey Mouse in a parcel van or driving a steam engine.
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