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November 6, 2009

Oil fire in Jaipur forces Siberian birds to explore new wetlands

     Allahabad: The recent blaze in oil depot has forced the Siberian birds, which otherwise used to visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan, exploring new wetlands of Allahabad. Smoke from a major fire in Indian Oil Corporation Depot enveloped Jaipur in pushing the temperature levels. Various species of Siberian birds migrate to wetlands in India during the winter season when their home grounds near the Artic zone freeze. "This time there is a sudden increase in the number of migratory birds arriving here, which is not a regular feature; they have arrived early here. Although in January, the number of migratory birds increases. It seems that the sudden hot climate elsewhere has forced them to flock to this place," said Sandeep Mehrotra, Zoology professor in Allahabad University. Many species of birds were sighted at the Sangam that included Little Egret, Black headed Gull and Pond heron. With the increase in the population of the winged visitors, the inflow of tourists has also increased. These migratory birds travel through Afghanistan and Central Asia before arriving in India.
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