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September 27, 2012

Malay airline moves babies to back of plane with new ‘quiet zones’ plan

     London: An airline company is hoping to make flight experiences more peaceful for passengers by moving all babies to the back of the plane. AirAsia is reserving the first seven economy-class rows “exclusively for guests age 12 and above,” according to its website. When booking through the site, you can scroll across a chart of the cabin and pick a seat in the new “quiet zones,” the Daily Mail reported. And it won’t cost you any more, except the regular fee charged for certain seats with more legroom. Because the bulkheads and lavatories separate that section from the rest of plane and the premium cabin is generally filled with adults, those at the front will be well away from babies or toddlers. The airline, which has hubs in Malaysia , Thailand and Indonesia , will be starting the quiet zones this February.
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