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September 7, 2012

India, Pakistan to sign bilateral visa agreement

     Islamabad: Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that India and Pakistan will sign a bilateral visa agreement which will be of great benefit to persons above the age of 65, and would be a huge step for improving relations between both nations. "Those who are 65, our elders, will enjoy it more, because they will not have to get the visa. They can go and see their sons, grandchildren, and of course, their old friends," said Malik. "Both Ministers will be signing (the visa agreement), Mr. Krishna and myself," he added. Malik also said the leadership of both India and Pakistan should keep on meeting. "Interacting between the leadership always brings good results. The leadership between India and Pakistan, they should keep on meeting. The President of Pakistan and your Prime Minister met twice, once there in India, and then in Tehran. And, I must tell you, since I was present in the meeting, I was very happy with the meeting, because they were talking very very positive things. I think this is a good development," he said. Malik further said it would be a huge step forward if Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh visits Pakistan in November. "I think it will be a very good gesture from the Indian Prime Minister if he visits in November. Why should we have all these instructions? If my counterpart wants to have a dinner in Lahore, he should just call me.. and if I want to have it in Delhi, lets have that kind of relationship," said Malik. "The resolve on both sides is no to terrorism and yes to peace. And, we have to move from terrorism to peace. All those steps which need to be taken, I assure you, Pakistan will stand by that, and we will cooperate with India on every occasion. We all have to work hard for peace and to eradicate terrorism in the world," he added. When asked to comment on Sarabjit Singh, the Indian prisoner on death row in Pakistan, Malik said if the law permits, he would be allowed to go back to his country tomorrow. " The family has been meeting, and we have never stopped that. We will continue to help. If the law permits, I will let him go tomorrow. But, what is important is that the law of the country does not permit," said Malik. "We are working out something, and I assure you, that he is being kept well. In the coming days, if we can make some changes in our legal system that will be much beneficial for all times to come," he added.
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