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September 5, 2012

Irish airline boss brands passengers not carrying printed boarding pass idiot and stupid

     London: Irish low cost airline Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has caused a stir after he branded passengers who do not carry their printed boarding pass as idiot and stupid. O'Leary's attack came after mother-of-two Suzy McLeod complained about being hit with 236 pounds worth of fees when she arrived for a return flight home without printed boarding cards. Passengers using the budget carrier are expected to check in online and print their pass up to two weeks in advance, but because McLeod was in Spain over 15 days and staying in a rural villa without internet access she was unable to do so. McLeod's plight prompted no sympathy from O'Leary on Tuesday, who blasted her and other passengers for not being able to carry their printed boarding passes. "Mother pays £200 for being an idiot and failing to comply with her agreement at the time of booking. We think Mrs McLeod should pay 60 euros for being so stupid," the Daily Mirror quoted O'Leary, as saying. "She wasn't able to print her boarding card because, as you know, there are no internet cafes in Alicante, no hotels where they could print them out for you, and you couldn't get to a fax machine so some friend at home can print them and fax them to you," he added. "She then comes home and gets on Twitter, God help us all, and somehow we are going to change our policies. No we're not," he said. O'Leary added: "She wrote to me last week asking for compensation and a gesture of goodwill. To which we have replied, politely but firmly, thank you Mrs McLeod but it was your *** and if you screw up, you compensate us and you send us a gesture of goodwill." Asked if Mrs McLeod was its only passenger to behave in this way, Mr O'Leary replied: "No, there are 0.02% of passengers who are equally stupid. We say quite politely to those passengers, *** off."
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