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September 2, 2012

Srinagar heritage exhibition to foster Kashmiri tradition, tourism

     Srinagar: A heritage exhibition organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages here is drawing huge crowds of tourists. The event showcases rare manuscripts, calligraphy, artifacts, pictures, weapons, tools and rare coins. Speaking to media, Ateeka Banu, one of the organisers of the exhibition said the aim of the event was to spread awareness about the Kashmiri culture and tradition. “The aim of this exhibition is to spread awareness about the real identity of Kashmir . We want people and the young generation to see the talent of artisans, which is displayed in this collection of items like Koran, palanquin, copper utensils and wooden items. We want the youth to be aware about their past, so that they can carry forward the tradition,” Banu told reporters. The main attraction of the exhibition were old hand-written Korans. Many other hand written holy scriptures with decorative calligraphy were on display, along with weapons, utensils, costumes, rugs, coins, stones, feather and bodies of wildlife animals hunted by Kashmiri emperors. “The youth are becoming aware about the culture and heritage of Kashmir through this exhibition. They are witnessing old things like coins, hand written Korans and traditional costumes. It makes people realise how rich their tradition is,” Firdous Jan, a resident, said. The state authorities aim to promote heritage tourism in the state by organising such exhibitions. Tourism is one of the biggest means of earning for the people of Jammu and Kashmir . In wake of the decline in violence in the state, various development activities are taking place in every sector. One such example is the opening of ATM in the border village and recently radio cabs were also introduced.
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