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August 31, 2012

5000 Pak students in UK facing deportation in visa license row

     London: More than 5000 Pakistanis studying in British universities and colleges are at the risk of being deported in 60 days if British institutions are stripped of their ability to enroll students from outside the European Union (EU). British Home Secretary Theresa May is considering a crackdown on universities and colleges, which would remove their right to sponsor visas, reports the Daily Times. London Metropolitan University Vice Chancellor, Malcolm Gillies, said the decision would leave a 30 million pound hole in London Metropolitan University 's finances, nearly a fifth of its annual budget. It will also cost the wider London economy 75 million pounds, he said. He warned that the future of 30,000-student university is at risk. Many students have spent thousands of pounds to study in the UK and fear that they would never be able to return once they leave the country. Muhammad Saeed, 22, of the London School of Finance and Accountancy, has one semester left but will be unable to complete his degree if he loses his visa. National Union of Pakistani Students President Hashim Assad expressed concern over the recent change in rules by the British government. He said that a 60-day ultimatum to Pakistani students was not fair. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) should ask the universities to create spaces and accommodate legitimate students on priority basis, he added. Assad, a law student at Queen Mary University of London, has demanded the Pakistani Government take action against the agents mafia and consultants who were misguiding the students after getting huge amounts in shape of consultation fee.
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