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August 27, 2012

Govt set to stop illegal immigrants entering UK through fake marriages

     London: The UK Government will launch a major crackdown on illegal immigrants entering the country through fake marriages. The crackdown on sham marriages follows a big rise in the number of cases of people allegedly getting married to obtain the right to live in Britain. Announcing the blitz on bogus weddings, Home Secretary Theresa May said: “Immigration is too high”. According to the Daily Express, the Home Office has already done work with churches and registrars to try and increase the number of bogus couples be identified. Now, the government is intending to change the law to enable registrars to delay marriages for investigation if there are any doubts about their authenticity. According to the report, Immigration Minister Damian Green said that sham marriages had been identified in some cases because the couple could not speak a word of each other’s language. He said that in one case the bride was wearing a wedding dress six times too big for her and had with her a return ticket to go back to her own country after the ceremony. Details of the plan have yet been revealed, the report said. According to the report, May is also planning to make it harder for illegal immigrants to get credit, such as bank overdrafts, credit cards and mobile phone contracts. “That’s why we are working hard to ensure annual net immigration is reduced from hundreds of thousands to a much more sustainable ten of thousands,” May said She said she was determined to make the UK a ‘hostile environment for anyone who seeks to evade the law,’ the report added.
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