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July 21, 2012

Bahrain lifts travel ban on 100 Indian workers, to return home

     Dubai: The Indian embassy in Bahrain has succeeded in ending an existing travel ban, allowing over 100 workers, who were barred from leaving the Gulf country, to go home. "Nass has accepted the embassy's request to lift the court-clamped travel ban on all the erstwhile workers who ran away from the company," a diplomat at the Indian Embassy told Gulf News. Earlier this week, US-based rights group Avaaz said it had launched a campaign in June urging the company to return the stranded workers their passports after one of them committed suicide. According to Avaaz, the workers fled the company after Nass offered them lower wages upon their arrival in Bahrain than those agreed upon in their employment contracts. However, the firm agreed to the Indian Embassy's request and would allow the Indian workers to return home. "Nass Corporation announced that it will immediately permit more than 100 migrant Indian labourers previously trapped in Bahrain to leave the country and return home", Avaaz said in a statement. "The company also committed to a new policy in which workers will no longer face travel bans and Nass will refrain from continuing or instituting legal actions against workers who leave their employ prior to the completion of their contracts," the statement added. Nass Corporation on its website said that "it will withdraw all court cases pending against runaway workers. And would allow the affected Indian workers to leave Bahrain at the earliest."
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