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July 2, 2012

Monsoon rejuvenation therapy for elephants starts in Kerala

     Guruvayoor (Kerala): With the onset of the monsoon, the month-long rejuvenation therapy for elephants began here, as hundreds of people, braving the heavy downpour, fed around 40 elephants with sweets. During this period, elephants are kept away from daily chores and fed with Ayurvedic concoctions to ensure good health and well-being, besides being treated with 'Aanayoottu’, a month-long restorative treatment. Aanayoottu literally means feeding the elephants with specially prepared food, which is valued for its high medicinal value. Chief veterinary doctor, K.C Panniker, said the weather is favourable for treating elephants and they remain healthy for the next whole year. “We have got 64 elephants, and, 40 elephants have been selected for this therapy. This continues for one month,” Panniker said. The medication continues for one month, depending on the medical condition and weight of each elephant. The last month of the Malayalam calendar is considered ideal for all kinds of rejuvenation therapies in Ayurveda. “We are giving mixture of medicines and also combination of grains; both Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are being given,” Panniker informed. The medicated mixture given to the elephants comprises of cooked rice with ghee, wheat flour, powdered black gram, palm jaggery and herbal powders. The formulation is administered to the animals to protect and improve their health during the monsoon months when they are not taken for any temple processions or any other work and are provided complete rest.
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