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May 12, 2012

Virgin Atlantic first UK airline providing in-flight mobile access

     London: Virgin Atlantic is all set to offer in-flight mobile access to its passengers, which will make it the first British airline to provide such a service. The service will initially start on Virgin's new Airbus A330 planes flying from London to New York , with passengers being able to make phone calls, send texts and have web access. According to The Telegraph, the service will soon be available on 17 planes on at least 10 routes by the end of the year. Aeromobile, which is partly owned by Panasonic, will provide the in-flight mobile access. Virgin will charge passengers approximately the same roaming charges. British Airways (BA) already offers in-flight texts and web access on a single route between London City Airport and New York , but does not permit in-flight mobile calls. Neither Virgin nor BA's service is permitted during take-off or landing, and American laws mean that it has to be turned off 250 miles from US airspace.
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