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May 6, 2012

Medical teams attend to train derailment victims at New Delhi station

     New Delhi/Rohtak: Medical teams at the New Delhi Railway Station are providing treatment to passengers who were injured when eight bogies of a passenger train derailed in Haryana's Rohtak District on Sunday. The Firozpur-Mumbai Punjab Mail derailed near Rohtak district early on Sunday, injuring at least 25 passengers. The passengers of the affected coaches were adjusted in the unaffected portion of the train and the train arrived in New Delhi . Medical teams, with all the arrangements, were waiting for the train to arrive and attended to the injured passengers immediately. Sharing his terrible experience, an injured passenger said the train started shaking suddenly and within seconds the coaches turned turtle. "Unexpectedly around 8-10 kilometres away from Rohtak, between Rohtak and Sampla, the train started shaking, so the commuters held on to the train tightly and suddenly the bogies derailed. Many passengers have been injured; many have been admitted to the civil hospital in Rohtak and officials arrived at the spot. Though many are injured but there are no casualties," said B. S. Chauhan, an injured passenger. Talking about his ordeal, another injured passenger said as the train derailed, the co-passengers displaced from their seats and tried to break the window panes to come out of the train, but failed to do so and were later rescued by the relief workers. "We were sleeping and suddenly around 4 in the morning, we head some sounds. The train started trembling and passengers started falling from their seats. The passengers tried to find out the emergency window and tried to break the glasses but were unable to do so. Later a man broke the window from outside and then the passengers were rescued," said Shrawan Kumar, another injured passenger. Meanwhile, Indian Railways Public Relations Officer (PRO), Anil Saxena, said that they are trying to minimize the discomfort of the passengers by providing them medical treatment, breakfast and drinking water. "The northern railway officials and Delhi division officials have set up a medical help desk at the Delhi station. All the medical assistance is being made available. We are providing breakfast and water facility to the passengers. We are trying to minimize the discomfort of the passengers. The train is stationed at the Delhi station right now. New coaches are being fixed to the train, to compensate the eight coaches that were damaged. So, the passengers that are boarding the train from Delhi stations and the passengers that were adjusted in the other coaches would be shifted back to the new coaches," said Saxena. According to media reports, the railway authorities informed that at least 50 metres of the railway tracks were found wrecked at the site. Saxena added that the rescue operations were carried out effectively and the railway technical staff and engineers were trying their best to restore traffic and resume services on the Delhi-Rohtak line. "As soon as we received the information, the senior officials of the Northern Railways and Delhi division left for the site and geared up the relief and rescue missionary. Other than this, the railways doctor from Rohtak also arrived at the site and he started with the relief rescue operations, along with the district administration. The work was completed efficiently. No casualties were reported in this incident. Around 25 passengers are reportedly injured," added Saxena. India 's railway network is one of the worlds largest. But decades of low investment, a patchy safety record as a result of ageing infrastructure and frequent delays mean India has fallen far behind China in building a network fit for Asia 's third-largest economy. Simultaneously, the injured passengers admitted to the hospital in Rohtak were taken care of. State-run monopoly Indian Railways carries around 30 million people every day and more than 2 million metric tons of freight daily. Though, some 336 people were killed and 437 injured in rail accidents in India between April 2010 and mid-January 2011, according to the government figures.
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