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April 14, 2012

Pentagon places order for two new Presidential Air Force Ones equipped with more power

     Washington: The Pentagon has requested for two new Air Force Ones, the official aircraft for the US President, that will come equipped with more power and gear. The Pentagon in its demand claimed that it wants a new, upgraded Air Force One to fly around future presidents in United States , but doesn’t expect any radical new aerospace technologies. The new model, however, will reportedly be able to fly longer on a tank of gas, avoid trouble and allow the president to communicate better with government, the military and the public, the Discovery News reports. “When it comes to a mission like this, you never want the president to be an early adapter of new and uncertain technology,” Richard Aboulafia, member of the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs and President of the Teal Group, an aviation consulting firm based in Fairfax, was quoted as saying. The Pentagon’s aviation officials haven't yet declared which model they plan to purchase, but it is likely to be an updated version of the current Boeing 747 VC-25. According to reports, the current Air Force One which are actually two aircraft that carry the designation when the president is aboard, have been in service since 1990, and the new ones won't be ready to fly until 2019 or 2020. Experts have claimed that after the electronics and communications upgrades after 9/11, the aircraft's power demands are "straining" the current engine and only a newer aircraft which possess more powerful engines can operate on more gear.
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