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November 29, 2010

Qantas Boeing 737 in engine trouble twice in less than a day

     Sydney: Qantas’ attempts to overcome the technical hurdles besieging it of late seem to be not paying off well, as yet another Boeing 737 domestic flight from Adelaide to Sydney was cancelled because of a technical problem related to an engine valve. It was the second incident for the same flight in less than a day. According to Xinhua, earlier, the Boeing 737 with more than 160 people on board was about to take off from Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne , Australia on Sunday night when a passenger reported seeing flames coming from an engine. The pilot took the aircraft back to the terminal and engineers cleared it for take-off to Adelaide about an hour late, the report said. The same aircraft was scheduled to fly from Adelaide to Sydney on Monday, but it was cancelled due to a technical problem.
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