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September 21, 2012

Wolf Lair where Hitler escaped bomb blast to be a museum

London: A military bunker where German army officers tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler will be opened to the public as a museum. The Wolf's Lair, located in northeastern Poland, was one of Hitler's key military headquarters during the World War II. It has been open to the public since the end of the war, but mainly for much criticised paintball games or as an indoor shooting range. The bunker is most famous as the place Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg tried to kill the dictator by placing a briefcase bomb underneath the table during a staff meeting on July 20, 1944, the Daily Mail reports. A staff officer had, however, moved the briefcase shortly after von Stauffenberg's departure, which saw Hitler protected from the blast and surviving with minor injuries. A total of 200 were executed as a result of the assassination attempt. Historian Tomasz Chinciski, who is involved in the development of Wolf's Lair, told The New York Times that they 'are working on new ways of telling history to make young generations understand the tragic dimension of this place'. According to the paper, the current lease of the premises is held by Wolf's Nest, who have had the contract since the collapse of Poland's Communist regime.

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