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Trump's last assault on D-Day will make Biden & K sweat it out for some more time
At the joint Congress session, Trump supporters are determined to vainly raise objections when the swing States' electoral votes are counted by the tellers, leading to adjournment - stretching further the agony of the President-elect and the 'brown girl.'

Tuesday's Georgia runoffs may be crucial for the immediate future of America but it will have no consequence on the scheduled declaration of results of the presidential election on Wednesday afternoon by the joint session of the Congress to be held in the House and presided over by Vice-President Pence in a ceremonial capacity.

First of all, the declaration of results of the runoffs and swearing-in will come later.

Secondly, for any objection at the joint session to the electors or the votes from any State to succeed the session will adjourn and both chambers will have to sit separately and each of them must support it by simple majority. Therefore, whether the Democrats have majority in the Senate or not is immaterial because they have majority in the House of Representatives, which is enough.

At the joint session, Trump supporters are determined to vainly raise objections when the swing States' electoral votes are counted by the tellers, leading to adjournment of the session and separate meetings of the Senate and the House to consider the issue - stretching further the agony of the President-elect and the 'brown girl.'

WASHINGTON, Jan 4: The American election may be said to be incomplete till two Georgia runoffs on Tuesday will decide who will control the Senate and therefore the economic agenda of the new Government. Because at Sunday's swearing-in for the 117th Congress when, apart from the House Representatives, the two-third Senators elected in November were also sworn in, the strength of the Republicans in the chamber was 51 and of Democrats 48. Two seats are up for grabs in Georgia runoffs on Tuesday. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) is contesting for one of the two seats but she also holds the seat at the same time as her term continues and hence the Republican number is 51. If the Democrats win both the seats, the equation will be 50:50 when Vice- President-elect Kamala Harris (after they take over the administration on January 20) can give the tiebreaking vote, the Democrats getting the majority needed to go ahead with their agenda. Else, the Republicans will hold the reins. Biden will find it difficult to run the Government.

However, Tuesday's Georgian runoffs results will have no bearing on the joint session of the Congress which meets on Wednesday afternoon to count the electors' votes and certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. Because, for one, results will not be declared by then and swearing-in will be much later. Secondly, there is no need for the Democrats to flip the Republican majority in the Senate as majority in one chamber is enough to defeat Trump camp's objections. For Trump to succeed with the objections to the presidential results, both chambers must support the objections by simple majority when the joint session needs to be adjourned and both the chambers meet separately to take up the objections.

The joint session to declare the presidential results will be incumbent Republican President Donald Trump's last but futile chance to influence his colleagues to reject the electoral college electors and their votes by raising objections over allegations of unsupported voting malpractices.

Notwithstanding the outcome, Trump supporters in the ROP are determined to exercise the provision which will only add to the agony of the President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris undergoing all the troubles and tribulations created by an unsuccessful but aggressive bully called Trump, who just wants to stay put in the White House!

Trump's camp has already issued a statement calling upon party members to reject the electos' votes.

A dozen Republicans, including Senators Ted Cruz (Texas), Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri ) and Marsha Blackburn, have prepared their plan to unleash a futile attempt to overturn Biden’s win. A hundred members from the House of Representatives also will join. The modus operandi is to demand the Congress appoint a commission to audit electoral results else they will raise the objections to the electors and the votes. Vice-President Mike Pence, the presiding officer of the Senate, has reportedly supported the move. He will preside over the joint session to be held in the House chamber. He has only ceremonial status as per the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, which lays out the procedure for counting electoral votes. Pence must know as he is a "lawyer by training."

Although all the lawsuits so far have been failures despite the fact that three of the nine judges in the US Supreme Court are Trump appointees.

Interestingly, on Sunday a number of Republican Senators and House Representatives released statements opposing the election challenge planned for Wednesday. Last month Trump's Attorney General William Barr had stepped down after confirming there is no electoral fraud.

While Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has warned the GOP colleagues against the misadventure, Utah Senator Mitt Romney said rejecting electors "dangerously threatens our democratic Republic. I could never have imagined seeing these things in the greatest democracy in the world. Republican Senator Ben Sasse remarked on Facebook: "Dangerous ploy". Texas Sen John Cornyn and South Dakota Senator John Thune, the No2, have also criticised any objections like McConnell.

How the Congress counts the electors' votes and certify the results

On Wednesday afternoon, as soon as the joint session begins the huge boxes containing the electors' votes from each State will be be moved in. The certificates will be opened in alphabetical order of the States' names. The VP presides over and at the end of the procedures declares the result. A VP has no power to tilt the balance. If all goes well, VP Pence will announce his own defeat like last time Biden did.

To begin with, the teller from each party reads the results and count the votes. At this point any member can raise objections on any count, leading to suspension of the joint session. Then the House and Senate retire to their own chambers for a period of "not more than two hours," discuss and decide on the issue. Both chambers must support the objection by simple majority for the challenge to move on. In the past there have been occasions when objections were raised but rejected, like in 2005 and 2017.

It will take long, long time for the Americans to realise that Trump was like a bull from the countryside running amok in the town!



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