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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Feb 28):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 11,44,64,297; Total Deaths: 25,39,067 Recovered: 9,00,08,036 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 7,69,414; Total Deaths: 22,052 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 1,05,17,232; Total deaths: 2,54,263 CANADA:- Total Cases: 8,64,196; Total Deaths: 21,960 CHINA:- Total Cases: 89,893 ; Total Deaths: 4,636 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 37,36,016; Total Deaths: 86,332 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 24,44,177 Total Deaths: 70,589 INDIA:- Total Cases: 1,10,96,731; Total Deaths: 1,57,087 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 13,34,634; Total Deaths: 36,166 IRAN:- Total Cases: 16,31,169; Total Deaths: 60,073 ITALY:- Total Cases: 29,07,825; Total Deaths: 97,507 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 4,30,539; Total Deaths: 7,807 MEXICO:-Total Cases: 20,84,128; Total Deaths: 1,85,257 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 10,84,021; Total Deaths: 15,543 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 5,76,352; Total Deaths: 12,318 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 42,46,079; Total Deaths: 86,122 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 89,676; Total Deaths: 1,603 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 31,88,553; Total Deaths: 69,142 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 6,57,309 Total Deaths: 12,826 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 5,54,932; Total Deaths: 9,966 UAE:- Total Cases: 3,91,524; Total Deaths: 1,221 UK:- Total Cases: 41,70,519; Total Deaths: 1,22,705; US:- Total Cases: 2,92,02,824; Total Deaths: 5,24,669 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    
Coronavirus UPDATES: When many States make their own lockdown rules...
Even as the corona situation in India is not coming under control, what is worse is the confusion about what restrictions apply where. With the Centre allowing free movement of people and goods across the country, and at the same time allowing the States and districts to decide what they think necessary, even at the Capital's own borders with its satellite towns or at the international airport the public is taken for granted, especially in the absence of reasonable transport.

NEW DELHI, June 1: India has climbed to the 7th position in the list of countries worst affected by cororavirus epidemic. Globally there have been a total of 62,94,321 cases and 3,74,417 deaths while India reported 1,90,535 cases and 5,395 deaths compared to the US' respective figures of 18,37,830 cases and 1,06,220 deaths.

Among the Indian States Maharashtra continued to be far above other States in the number of infections (67,655) as well as deaths (2,286) (See list below). Gujarat (16,779 cases and 1,038 deaths), Delhi (19,844 cases and 473 deaths) and Tamil Nadu (22,333 cases and 173 deaths) followed.

The Centre has lifted the lockdown wef Monday allowing the States to decide on restrictions as per the ground situation. Therefore many States like Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh have decided to continue with the restrictions. At many places it is chaos as nobody knows what is the prevailing rule. In some States the rules vary from place to place also!

Gautam Buddh Nagar and Ghaziabad districts will continue with the sealing of border with Delhi, it is reported. The Noida-Delhi border was sealed on April 21, except for essential services and those with passes issued by the District Magistrate. However, confusion continued to prevail at Haryana border at Gurugram and Faridabad.

In the national Capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has promised Delhi will have 9,500 beds ready by June 5 for corona patients although currently thousands of beds are still vacant. Out of a total of 19,844 cases, 8,478 patients were cured and discharged till date; 473 people died, the rest continue to be under medical care or observation. The GTB hospital with 1,500 beds has been asked to convert to a dedicated covid facility. Some hotels were also being converted as hospital where the patients will pay for the services.

In Delhi, two more policemen have succumbed to coronavirus. They are Assistant Sub-Inspectors Vikram and Shesh Mani Pandey. Earlier constable Amit Rana had died of corona symptoms. His test result came later as positive.

The medical director of the LNJP hospital in Delhi tested positive for corona even as a health worker succumbed to the infection a few days ago. LNJP is the largest dedicated hospital for corona in Delhi. Several healthcare professionals have contracted covid in the Capital and some of them have died.

Interestingly, shops at many market places in Delhi have barred customers from touching and feeling or trying the items because of the new corona protocol. They can take a look at the items from a distance and decide! A healthy style of sales in the making, thanks to coronavirus!

The following is the State-wise break-up of data of total cases and total deaths due to coronavirus in INDIA as on June 1:-

Country/State; Total Cases (TC); Total Deaths (TD)

INDIA (TC): 1,90,535; (TD): 5,395

Andaman and Nicobar Islands - TC: 33; TD: 0

Andhra Pradesh - TC: 3,679; TD: 62

Arunachal Pradesh - TC: 4; TD: 0

Assam - TC: 1,272; TD: 4

Bengal - TC: 5,501; TD: 317

Bihar - TC: 3,815; TD: 21

Chandigarh TC: 293; TD: 4

Chhattisgarh - TC: 498; TD: 1

Delhi - TC: 19,844; TD: 473

Goa (No new cases after April 3) - TC: 70; TD: 0

Gujarat - TC: 16,779; TD: 1038

Haryana - TC: 2,091; TD: 20

Himachal Pradesh - TC: 331; TD: 5

Jammu and Kashmir - TC: 2,446; TD: 28

Jharkhand - TC: 610; TD: 5

Karnataka - TC: 3,221; TD: 51

Kerala - TC: 1,269; TD: 9

Ladakh - TC: 74; TD: 0

Madhya Pradesh - TC: 8,089; TD: 350

Maharashtra - TC: 67,655; TD: 2,286

Manipur - TC: 71; TD: 0

Meghalaya - TC: 27; TD: 1

Mizoram - TC: 1; TD: 0

Nagaland - TC: 43; TD: 0

Odisha - TC: 1,948; TD: 7

Puducherry - TC: 70; TD: 0

Punjab - TC: 2,263; TD: 45

Rajasthan - TC: 8,831; TD: 194

Tamil Nadu - TC: 22,333; TD: 173

Telangana - TC: 2,698; TD: 82

Tripura - TC: 313; TD: 0

Uttarakhand - TC: 907; TD: 5

Uttar Pradesh - TC: 7,823; TD: 213

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