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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Feb 28):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 11,44,64,297; Total Deaths: 25,39,067 Recovered: 9,00,08,036 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 7,69,414; Total Deaths: 22,052 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 1,05,17,232; Total deaths: 2,54,263 CANADA:- Total Cases: 8,64,196; Total Deaths: 21,960 CHINA:- Total Cases: 89,893 ; Total Deaths: 4,636 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 37,36,016; Total Deaths: 86,332 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 24,44,177 Total Deaths: 70,589 INDIA:- Total Cases: 1,10,96,731; Total Deaths: 1,57,087 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 13,34,634; Total Deaths: 36,166 IRAN:- Total Cases: 16,31,169; Total Deaths: 60,073 ITALY:- Total Cases: 29,07,825; Total Deaths: 97,507 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 4,30,539; Total Deaths: 7,807 MEXICO:-Total Cases: 20,84,128; Total Deaths: 1,85,257 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 10,84,021; Total Deaths: 15,543 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 5,76,352; Total Deaths: 12,318 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 42,46,079; Total Deaths: 86,122 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 89,676; Total Deaths: 1,603 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 31,88,553; Total Deaths: 69,142 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 6,57,309 Total Deaths: 12,826 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 5,54,932; Total Deaths: 9,966 UAE:- Total Cases: 3,91,524; Total Deaths: 1,221 UK:- Total Cases: 41,70,519; Total Deaths: 1,22,705; US:- Total Cases: 2,92,02,824; Total Deaths: 5,24,669 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    
Coronavirus UPDATES: India's mortality rate for coronavirus low, recovery rate high
Although infection cases are mounting day by day, the casualty has remained comparatively low in India. Domestic flights have resumed and the trains will start running from June 1. Almost all activities are back to normal in most States but the social distancing and health protocols will be in place.

NEW DELHI, May 28: There were 6,566 new cases of coronavirus and 194 deaths in India in the last 24 hours. With this, the tally has gone up to 1,58,333 cases and 4,531 deaths, according to the Health Ministry. Case-wise India is now among the top ten worst-hit, having steadily moved up from the bottom, from among 180 countries, three months ago. Yet India's mortality rate has been consolably low, even as globally there have been over 3.5 lakh deaths, the US alone losing 1 lakh lives in less than three months.

Meanwhile, a confident India resumed domestic flights last Monday, a week ahead of a national lockdown scheduled to end on May 31, although in a heavily curtailed volume. Bengal, which stayed away from joining the operations then due to the cyclone, on Thursday made its entry into the aviation map. Passengers were seen queueing up at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata on Thursday morning.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said that all the airports are functioning smoothly. The night before the domestic flights were to resume, the objections from several Sates in view of the coronavirus epidemic were resolved by cancelling some flights to bring down the traffic at airports in a compromise. Although it led to chaos at the airport the next morning.

The Railways too is resuming the train service from June 1. Initially, 200 trains will run, covering all the States. This will be in addition to the special trains being run to ferry the stranded people as also the thousands of Shramik Special trains transporting jobless migrant workers back to their home States.

Among the States, Maharashtra is the worst affected. In a day 131 policemen were tested positive for coronavirus and two of them died today. There have been 54,758 cases and 1,792 deaths in the State so far, more than one-third of the total cases of 30 States.

In Bhopal, the Raj Bhavan's residential campus has been isolated for disinfection as six residents tested positive for corona. In Delhi, as employee of Raj Niwas has contracted the infection and a building has been sealed. So also the NDMC central office. The Railway Ministry was sealed a few days ago as several of its employees were detected to have the infection.

CORONA IMPACT: In the new situation of planes idling for over two months now, SpiceJet converted three Q400 passenger aircraft into freighters. "Our cargo operations are doing extremely well and to address the increased demand we have converted three Q400 passenger aircraft into freighters," Chairman and Managing Director Ajay Singh said, according to ET.

The following is the State-wise break-up of immediately available data of total cases and total deaths due to coronavirus in INDIA as on May 28:-

Country/State; Total Cases (TC); Total Deaths (TD)

INDIA (TC): 1,58,333; (TD): 4,531

Andaman and Nicobar Islands - TC: 33; TD: 0

Andhra Pradesh - TC: 3,171; TD: 58

Arunachal Pradesh - TC: 2; TD: 0

Assam - TC: 781; TD: 4

Bengal - TC: 4,192; TD: 289

Bihar - TC: 3,061; TD: 15

Chandigarh TC: 279; TD: 4

Chhattisgarh - TC: 369; TD: 0

Delhi - TC: 15,257; TD: 303

Goa (No new cases after April 3) - TC: 68; TD: 0

Gujarat - TC: 15,195; TD: 938

Haryana - TC: 1,381; TD: 18

Himachal Pradesh - TC: 273; TD: 5

Jammu and Kashmir - TC: 1,921; TD: 26

Jharkhand - TC: 448; TD: 4

Karnataka - TC: 2,418; TD: 47

Kerala - TC: 1,004; TD: 7

Ladakh - TC: 53; TD: 0

Madhya Pradesh - TC: 7,261; TD: 313

Maharashtra - TC: 56,948; TD: 1,897

Manipur - TC: 44; TD: 0

Meghalaya - TC: 20; TD: 1

Mizoram - TC: 1; TD: 0

Nagaland - TC: 4; TD: 0

Odisha - TC: 1,593; TD: 7

Puducherry - TC: 46; TD: 0

Punjab - TC: 2,139; TD: 40

Rajasthan - TC: 7,703; TD: 173

Tamil Nadu - TC: 18,545; TD: 133

Telangana - TC: 2,098; TD: 63

Tripura - TC: 230; TD: 0

Uttarakhand - TC: 469; TD: 4

Uttar Pradesh - TC: 6,991; TD: 182

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