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CORONAVIRUS CASUALTIES (Feb 28):- GLOBAL:- Total Cases: 11,44,64,297; Total Deaths: 25,39,067 Recovered: 9,00,08,036 BELGIUM:- Total Cases: 7,69,414; Total Deaths: 22,052 BRAZIL:- Total Cases: 1,05,17,232; Total deaths: 2,54,263 CANADA:- Total Cases: 8,64,196; Total Deaths: 21,960 CHINA:- Total Cases: 89,893 ; Total Deaths: 4,636 FRANCE:- Total Cases: 37,36,016; Total Deaths: 86,332 GERMANY:- Total Cases: 24,44,177 Total Deaths: 70,589 INDIA:- Total Cases: 1,10,96,731; Total Deaths: 1,57,087 INDONESIA:- Total Cases: 13,34,634; Total Deaths: 36,166 IRAN:- Total Cases: 16,31,169; Total Deaths: 60,073 ITALY:- Total Cases: 29,07,825; Total Deaths: 97,507 JAPAN:- Total Cases: 4,30,539; Total Deaths: 7,807 MEXICO:-Total Cases: 20,84,128; Total Deaths: 1,85,257 NETHERLANDS:- Total Cases: 10,84,021; Total Deaths: 15,543 PHILIPPINES:- Total Cases: 5,76,352; Total Deaths: 12,318 RUSSIA:- Total Cases: 42,46,079; Total Deaths: 86,122 S KOREA:- Total Cases: 89,676; Total Deaths: 1,603 SPAIN:-Total Cases: 31,88,553; Total Deaths: 69,142 SWEDEN:- Total Cases: 6,57,309 Total Deaths: 12,826 SWITZERLAND:-Total Cases: 5,54,932; Total Deaths: 9,966 UAE:- Total Cases: 3,91,524; Total Deaths: 1,221 UK:- Total Cases: 41,70,519; Total Deaths: 1,22,705; US:- Total Cases: 2,92,02,824; Total Deaths: 5,24,669 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    
Coronavirus UPDATES: Spiralling cases puts India in a spot; Mumbai sees no escape route
Air travel resumed on Monday, a week before lockdown ends. Although a frightened Maharashtra had threatened to prevent flights from Mumbai because of the alarming situation the coronavirus epidemic is posing, finally it was decided to allow 25 takeoffs and 25 landings but on Monday there was chaos at many airports as several flights were cancelled due to lack of clarity on several points. A case in point was an overdoing Goa's ill-informed protocols and politically inspired SOPs for the passengers.

NEW DELHI, May 25: The rise in the cases of coronavirus infections in India has been accelerating over a couple of weeks now. In the last 24 hours there were 6,767 new cases, taking the total to a massive 1,38,845 and the deaths to 4,022, while the global cases have reached 55,30,170 and deaths 3,47,182.

In a list of 180 affected countries, India's position worsened from a safe bottom level initially to the 10th worst hit country today, overshooting even Iran, which was one of the worst cases outside of China earlier. Even Spain which became an epicentre of coronavirus infections, has improved its rating such that it is opening its door to tourism in July.

However, the plus point that India has scored is the number of those cured and recovered. It was 54,450 as of yesterday. Moreover, 80% of the cases have been reported from just five of 30 States and 95% of deaths from 10 States.

The three worst affected States are Maharashtra (total cases 50,231; total deaths 1,635), Gujarat (total cases 14,056; total deaths 858), and Delhi (total cases 13,418; total deaths 261).

The situation in Maharashtra, especially the highly congested and sprawling Mumbai Metropolitan Region, is quite alarming in that the Government feels helpless without a solution. 1809 policemen have tested positive. Even the simple health protocol of social distancing cannot be maintained what with ten people living a 10x10 ft space at places!

Meanwhile, the domestic flights resumed operations today although the lockdown is till May 31. Several States like Maharashtra, Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh had raised their objections in view of the unabated rise in corona infections.

On Monday when the flights were to resume, there was chaos at airports like Delhi due to lack of clarity about the schedules and a large number of flights were cancelled. There were no flights to Andhra Pradesh and Bengal.

After over two months of lockout which is scheduled to end on May 31, the railways will start normal runs on June 1. This is apart from the Shramik trains for the migrants and other Special trains being run for the stranded people.

The following is the State-wise break-up of immediately available data of total cases and total deaths due to coronavirus in INDIA as on May 25:-

Country/State; Total Cases (TC); Total Deaths (TD)

INDIA (TC): 1,38,845; (TD): 4,022

Andaman and Nicobar Islands - TC: 33; TD: 0

Andhra Pradesh - TC: 2,823; TD: 56

Arunachal Pradesh - TC: 1; TD: 0

Assam - TC: 378; TD: 4

Bengal - TC: 3,667; TD: 272

Bihar - TC: 2,587; TD: 13

Chandigarh TC: 238; TD: 3

Chhattisgarh - TC: 252; TD: 0

Delhi - TC: 13,418; TD: 261

Goa (No new cases after April 3) - TC: 66; TD: 0

Gujarat - TC: 14,056; TD: 858

Haryana - TC: 1,184; TD: 16

Himachal Pradesh - TC: 203; TD: 3

Jammu and Kashmir - TC: 1,621; TD: 21

Jharkhand - TC: 370; TD: 4

Karnataka - TC: 2,089; TD: 42

Kerala - TC: 847; TD: 4

Ladakh - TC: 52; TD: 0

Madhya Pradesh - TC: 6,665; TD: 290

Maharashtra - TC: 50,231; TD: 1,635

Manipur - TC: 32; TD: 0

Meghalaya - TC: 14; TD: 1

Mizoram - TC: 1; TD: 0

Odisha - TC: 1,336; TD: 7

Puducherry - TC: 41; TD: 0

Punjab - TC: 2,060; TD: 40

Rajasthan - TC: 7,028; TD: 163

Tamil Nadu - TC: 16,277; TD: 111

Telangana - TC: 1,853; TD: 53

Tripura - TC: 191; TD: 0

Uttarakhand - TC: 317; TD: 3

Uttar Pradesh - TC: 6,268; TD: 161

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