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Kanha National Park

     Kanha is one of the finest national parks in Asia. Coming under the tiger project, it is a sanctuary of abundant wildlife in its most natural setting.
If the natural splendour at Kanha is to be fully enjoyed, a visitor may have to stay there at least for four days. The best time for visit is from Feb to Jun. The park is closed during the monsoon, from July to October. Light-coloured cottons and woollens are advised. Bright colours can scare away the animals. Bamni Dadar is the most beautiful area of the park. The forest is quite dense here. Adding to the delight of the thick wood is the sight of a sambar or the four-horned antelops crossing the landscape. Government jeeps are available on hire for touring the park. Elephants are used for tiger-tracking. Jackal and sambar are frequently seen. Blackbucks, spotted deer, sambar and jackal are seen often in peripheral meadows. Four-horned antelopes, striped heyna, Indian fox, tiger and wolf are rarely sighted. There are 22 species of mammals in the park. Birds can be watched from the hills. There are 200 species of them, like white-breasted kingfisher, crested serpant, racket-tailed drongo and red-wattled lapwing.

FOOD: Food eating places are around the place. Multi-cuisine restaurants at Kisli and Mukki offer good fare. Indian and western food are available. Boiled water, cool drinks and beer are also available!

HOW TO REACH: The nearest airports and railway stations are at Jabalpur and Bilaspur. Buses are available from Jabalpur to Kisli and Mukki, the two main entry points of Kanha park. Jabalpur to Kisli is 165 km and Jabalpur to Mukki is 203 km.



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