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'In-laws forcibly abort female foetus'

       Nakodar (Jalandhar): A twenty-year old housewife of Mehmoodpur village near Nakodar town in Jalandhar district of Punjab was allegedly forced to abort her seven-month old female foetus. Now the lady is demanding a police action against her in-laws. Sukhjinder Kaur married Amit Kumar in 2005 and went to live with her husband in Delhi , where he worked as a drummer. When Sukhjinder was in advanced stage of pregnancy, she alleges that her husband and her in-laws took her to Manjit Hospital at Nurmahal for detection of the sex of the baby, which is a punishable offence. On finding out that she was carrying a seven-month-old girl child in her womb, Kaur alleges that her in-laws pressurised her for abortion. "There ( Manjit Hospital ) they came to know I was carrying a girl. In a week's time they gave me injections. In the night they gave me two injections and three injections the next morning. They killed my child," wept Kaur as she spoke to ANI. Despite Sukhjinder's objection that soon took the shape of confrontation, a mid-wife and a nurse were summoned by her in- laws to forcibly terminate the seven-month old pregnancy. "When I told her (mother-in-law) that I wanted to give birth to the child, she started hitting me. They said they did not want a girl but a boy," narrated the 'horrific' experience that she had to go through before getting aborted. But now she is demanding justice. "I want action to be taken against her and justice be given to me," said Kaur.

       But it took a month for Sukhjinder and her family to muster courage and speak against her in-laws. She had fled from her in laws house about twenty-two days ago and her parents had failed to gain courage to lodge a police complain. The police have registered a complaint after they came to know about the incident through local newspapers. "We are now investigating the case. Whoever is found guilty, be the doctor or her (Sukhjinder Kaur's) in-laws, they will be arrested," said Baljinder Singh Dhillon, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Jalandhar District. In August, hundreds of baby foetuses were recovered from a pit outside an abortion clinic in the small town of Pattran in Punjab , where the sex ratio has plummeted to new low, as per the last census. According to the 2001 census, the latest official population data, the national sex ratio was 933 girls to 1,000 boys, whereas in Punjab it was 798 girls to 1,000 boys in 2001, compared to 875 in 1991. Punjab is just ahead of neighbouring Haryana in sex ratio, which too has an abysmal sex ratio. In spite of being banned, sex determination, is as simple as an ultrasound test and can easily be done in the thousands of tiny clinics and nursing homes across India . The drop in the number of girls is believed to be due to the availability of ultrasounds, allowing parents to find out their baby's gender before birth and clearing the way for an illegal abortion.
- Nov 26, 2006

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