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Religious summer camps for Sikh children in Punjab
by Karan Kapoor

     Jalandhar: Special summer camps have been set up for kids in various Gurdwaras in different parts of Punjab, where they are being taught about the essence of Sikhism. Summer camp curriculum includes, imparting proper guidelines to recite Gurubani from the holy scriptures. "The aim of these summer camps is that, they will visit Gurudwara and recite religious text and verses. We have appointed religious teachers who will improve the reading and recitation of religious text by children," said Amarjeet Singh, organiser of a summer camp. Similar camps were organised last year and were much appreciated by the parents as well as the participant children. Gurdwaras have become hubs of activities with hundreds of children attending these camps with much enthusiasm. "I come here daily to learn Gurubani. We learn how to read and recite them with proper pronunciation, that's why I have joined the camp," said Sukhmandeep Kaur, a participant at the camp. Apart from proper pronunciation of the religious verses, the children are also taught the relevance of these verses and the meaning. The duration of each camp is around 34 days and children attending this camp say that it has helped them to develop a better understanding of their religion.
-June 9, 2009

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